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Curtis Stone 2-pack Mini Cloches - Open Box

CS Cloche 776-238
  • Curtis Stone 2-pack Mini Cloches - Open Box
  • Curtis Stone 2-pack Mini Cloches - Open Box
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Curtis Stone 2-pack Mini Cloches

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Cook and cover your food with a little help from Curtis. These Curtis Stone mini cloches help you to efficiently steam, braise and trap in heat and moisture for flavorful results. Designed for use with Curtis' Low-Walled Frypan Set (sold separately) or his griddle pans, they're perfectly sized for any skillet too.


Multi-purpose food covers


  • Efficiently steam, braise or melt cheese
  • Traps in heat and moisture for flavorful results
  • For use with frypans and electric griddles

    Flat-top domed design


  • Provides plenty of room for making your culinary creations
  • Offers optimal heat distribution

    Tempered glass look-and-cook section


  • Allows you to see through to your food as it cooks

    Stainless construction


  • Elegant design that is easy to clean

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