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Curtis Stone 4-piece Nylon Tool Set - Open Box

CS 4PC Nylon Set 766-763
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Curtis Stone 4-piece Nylon Tool Set 766-763 Open Box

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A versatile addition to any kitchen, Curtis's multi-functional tool set offers so many possibilities. Including a perforated turner, "kitchamajig," spoonula and chopper, this sleek, sturdy assortment is there to assist you as you whip up something delicious in the kitchen. The nylon construction is gentle on non-stick surfaces and makes them great for use with all types of cookware and bakeware, even glass and porcelain. It's time to create in your kitchen—with a little help from Curtis.


Multi-functional designs


  • Mix, mash, stir, scoop, scrape, spread, slice, and strain, and more
  • 4 Dual-functioning tools give you the versatility of 8
  • Perfect for use with all types of cookware and bakeware, including glass and porcelain

    13.5" Perforated turner


  • Perforated design allows fats and juices drip through when food is picked up
  • Flexible silicone sides are ideal for scraping sides of the pot

    13.5" Kitchamajig


  • Ideal for skimming broths and soups
  • Great for lifting cooked vegetables, dumplings, or ravioli from pot

    13.5" Spoonula


  • Great for use for anything from sauces to batters
  • Elongated head for maximum surface

    13.5" Chopper


  • Great for breaking up and crushing foods like ground meat, scrambled eggs and more
  • Takes up almost no counter space while you cook to help you avoid counter clutter

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