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"Dura-Bake Bakeware Cookbook" by Rochelle Palermo

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Discover the wonder of Curtis Stone's Dura-Bake bakeware line with a little help from this cookbook. Written by Rochelle Palermo — Curtis' right hand woman in the kitchen — it's full of over 50 recipes designed specifically for use with your Dura-Bake pans. Explore the out-of-the-box ways to cook with your pans, go beyond the sweet treats typically associated with baking and create sizable sheet pan suppers, multi-grain loaves and more. From appetizers to desserts, you're gonna love the delightful dishes you bring to the table.


Delicious recipes designed specifically for Curtis Stone's Dura-Bake bakeware


  • Explore a collection of recipes tailored for the Dura-Bake bakeware line
  • Takes you beyond the sweet treats typically associated with baking and into a land of sheet-pan suppers and surprising uses for your bakeware
  • Create delicious snacks, meals and desserts
  • Includes over 50 recipes

    Unique recipes for your versatile pans


  • Delivers an out-of-the-box approach to cooking with your bakeware
  • Discover the wide variety of uses for each of your Dura-Bake pans

    Each chapter is dedicated to a specific piece of Dura-Bake bakeware


  • Provides recipes for the sheet and pizza pans, cake and bread loaf pans, popover pan and muffin tin

    What You Get


  • Dura-Bake Bakeware Cookbook by Rochelle Palermo

    The Basics


  • Measurements: Approx. 10-1/4"L x 9"W x 1/4"H
  • Country of Origin: Printed in USA

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