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Curtis Stone Heat Resistant Glove Set

CS Glove Set 682-691-611-491
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Curtis Stone Heat Resistant Glove Set Model 682-691

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The ultimate way to stay safe, work quickly and look good all while cooking. Curtis's woven fiber heat-resistant gloves protect your hands from searing hot temperatures without limiting your dexterity like standard oven mitts do. The extended cuffs help protect your wrists and forearms when inserting and removing pans from oven. It's versatility even allows you to use them while handling hot pots and pans or hot bowls from the microwave, or even outside while cooking steaks on the barbecue, these gloves can take the heat so your hands don't have to.


Woven and lined gloves


  • Made of woven aramid fiber with cotton lining
  • Maximum heat resistance up to 475 degrees F

    Extra-long form-fitting cuff


  • Stretchable fibers allow for snug fit around wrists and forearms
  • Helps protect wrists and forearms from accidental contact with hot surfaces

    Good grip


  • Dual-sided silicone-coated pattern
  • Non-slip silicone aids in gripping hot or cold pans

    What You Get:


  • Pair of gloves
  • Use and care guide

    The Basics


  • Sizes: Medium or large
  • Measurements: Large - Approx. 14.5"L x 6.7"W x 0.35"H; Medium - Approx. 12.6"L x 5.9"W x 0.35"H
  • Material Composition: Shell - Aramid, Elastane, Silicone; Lining - Cotton, Polyester
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 475 degrees F
  • Country of Origin: China

    Good to Know


  • Available in medium or large sizes

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