Curtis Stone Silicone Cookware Handle Covers Model 624-673

CS Handle Covers 624-673
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  • Curtis Stone Silicone Cookware Handle Covers Model 624-673
  • Curtis Stone Silicone Cookware Handle Covers Model 624-673
  • Curtis Stone Silicone Cookware Handle Covers Model 624-673
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<style type="text/css"> h3 {text-align:center} </style> <h3>Curtis Stone Silicone Cookware Handle Covers Model 624-673</h3> <p style="text-align:center"><b>Shipping is Free!</b></p><br>

<BR><p><b>Description:</b></p> <p>


You asked and Curtis delivered. Designed specifically for the handles on your Dura-Pan Nonstick Multi-Function Pan, these handle covers are the ultimate kitchen accessories. They offer a secure, comfortable grip when handling hot cookware and protect your hands from handles that are as hot as 500 degrees F.


<p><b>Features:</b></p> <p>

<p><b> Closed on both sides</b></p> <p>
<LI> Helps properly protect hands from the heat of cookware handles
<LI>Makes it safe to use

<p><b> Silicone construction</b></p> <p>
<LI>Protects hands from heat up to 500 degrees F

<p><b> Flexible, soft touch design</b></p> <p>
<LI>Stores compactly in a drawer

<p><b> Easy to use</b></p> <p>
<LI>Designed to fit the Dura-Pan Nonstick Multi-Function Pan

<p><b> Dishwasher safe</b></p> <p>
<LI>Easy to clean


<p><b> What You Get: </b></p> <p>
<LI>2 Silicone cookware handle covers
<LI>Use and care insert

<p><b> The Basics:</b></p> <p>
<LI>Color Choices: Black, Red or Stone Gray
<LI>Measurements: Approx. 4-3/8"L x 2-1/2"W x 5/8"H each
<LI>Material Composition: Silicone
<LI>Care: Dishwasher safe
<LI>Country of Origin: China


<br><p><b>What is Factory Remanufactured?</p></b> <p>When a product is Factory Remanufactured, it is tested and checked to operate as a brand new item should. Many times it is as simple as the box being opened by mistake or for quality checks. Once the box has been opened companies cannot legally sell these items as New. Each item is inspected, rerun down the production line and triple checked for quality before being shipped. We are so confident with the quality of our Factory Remanufactured items that we offer a 60 day return policy with every purchase, so buy with confidence!</p>



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