WISP System Broom / Dustpan w/ Hanger + Electrostatic Bristle

WISPsystem + Hanger V33267
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WISPsystem Broom and Dustpan with WISPaway Hanger and Electrostatic Bristle Seal Technology

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The WISPsystem is the world’s first broom that is ergonomically designed to be used in a one-handed pulling motion. The WISPsystem offers many great features that make cleaning easier, faster and more efficient. It is engineered to be lightweight and to reduce the force needed to use it—why make cleaning any harder than it must be? Because of the unique way you use the WISP, dirt and allergens are not flung back into the air. It creates a squeegee like effect on the floor, which means less passes and less work. Made of sturdy materials, the WISPsystem will last longer and work harder for you. After using the WISP, you won’t want to return to the old way of sweeping. Don’t haul out your old vacuum, struggling with cords and dead batteries. This reinvention of the broom cleans up dirt, dust, pet hair, small debris and even glass. Made to store easily and get the mess up the first time, the WISPsystem is the most efficient cleaning system you can find. Offered in a variety of colors, you choose the WISP that fits your style. This best-selling system is an essential addition to your cleaning routine. Switch to the WISP and spend less time cleaning up after your old broom and dustpan.



  • WISP System Broom is designed for one handed use with a pulling motion to pull debris into foot operated dust pan
  • Dustpan has side combs to clean broom bristles & is designed to flex with foot pressure to form a seal with floor, ensuring all debris goes into it
  • Bristles are electrostatically charged, ensuring most dust, hair, pet hair, & debris is picked up in just one pas
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