Wolfgang Puck Compact Clip Sous Vide - Refurbished

WP Compact Sous Vide 606-700
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  • Wolfgang Puck Compact Clip Sous Vide - Refurbished
  • Wolfgang Puck Compact Clip Sous Vide - Refurbished
  • Wolfgang Puck Compact Clip Sous Vide - Refurbished
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Wolfgang Puck Compact Clip Sous Vide

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Looking for a new way to heat things up in the kitchen? Try your hand at the sous vide method. This unique tool cooks food in a water bath at a very precise temperature, giving you complete control and producing consistent results. Food cooks in its juices, giving you moist, tender results. Flavor is infused in every bite! And because the sous vide holds the temperature precisely, there's no need for constant monitoring. You can leave your meal until you're ready to eat, with no worries about overcooking.


Clip sous vide immersion circulator


  • Compact alternative to traditional sous vide immersion circulators
  • Slide the immersion circulator right onto the wall of your container or pot; it balances itself and remains secure
  • Portable and suitable for home stockpots or plastic sous vide containers
  • Get consistent and delicious food, from steak and lamb to fish, eggs and even fruit
  • Retain all the delicious, moist flavor your food has to offerfruit

    Touchscreen LCD control panel


  • Soft touch dial for temperature and timer adjustments
  • Count up time display
  • Temperature range from 32 to 194 degrees F (0 to 90 degrees C)

    What You Get


  • Sous vide immersion circulator
  • Instructions
  • Distributor's 1-year limited warranty

    The Basics

  • Measurements: Approx. 4"L x 2-7/8"W x 8-1/2"H

  • Country of Origin: China 


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