Wolfgang Puck WP10NSCT13 Bistro Elite 10-piece Nonstick Cutlery

WP10NSCT13 10 PC Cutlery 2013
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  • Wolfgang Puck WP10NSCT13 Bistro Elite 10-piece Nonstick Cutlery
  • Wolfgang Puck WP10NSCT13 Bistro Elite 10-piece Nonstick Cutlery
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Wolfgang Puck WP10NSCT13 Bistro Elite 10-piece Nonstick Cutlery Set w/ Sheaths</h3> <p style="text-align:center"><b>Shipping is Free!</b></p><br>

<p><b>Description:</b></p> <p>

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 10-piece Nonstick Cutlery Set Lose the confusion in the kitchen with these thoughtfully color-coded knives and coordinating sheaths. With a knife for every task, delegating chopping and other prepwork will be simpler than ever. Now everyone will know which knife you mean — the red one! — when you ask them to cut the potatoes. And cross-contamination will be a thing of the past as you lay the black chicken knife in the sink and reach for the green one to slice the bread.

<p><b>Features:</b></p> <p>

<LI>Made of high-carbon stainless steel with thermoplastic rubberized handles and plastic sheaths
<LI>10-piece set
<LI>Includes 1 of each: black 7” grooved rocking knife, green 8” precision serrated knife, blue 6” hollow ridge Nakiri knife, red 5” chef’s Santoku knife, orange 4.5” utility prep knife plus 5 matching sheaths
<LI>Specialized blades slice fruits, veggies, breads, meats, cheeses and more
Hand wash

<BR><p><b>What You Get</b></p> <p>
<LI>8" Precision serrated knife with sheath (green)
<LI>7" Grooved rocking knife with sheath (black)
<LI>6" Hollow-ridge Nakiri knife with sheath (blue)
<LI>5" Chef's Santoku knife with sheath (red)
<LI>4-1/2" Utility prep knife with sheath (orange)
<LI>Distributor's 1-year limited warranty

<BR><p><b>The Basics</b></p> <p>
<LI>Material Composition: High-carbon stainless steel blades Thermoplastic rubberized handles Plastic sheaths
<LI>Care: Hand wash

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