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Kitchen HQ 2pack Half Slicers - Refurbished

922 KHQ 2pk Half Slicers 739-766 QRT
  • Kitchen HQ 2pack Half Slicers - Refurbished
  • Kitchen HQ 2pack Half Slicers - Refurbished
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Kitchen HQ 2pack Half Slicers Open Box

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The Kitchen HQ Half Slicer helps you butterfly chicken breasts like a pro, as well as rolls, bagels, tomatoes, grapes, olives, shrimp and more. Also great for cutting smaller fruits and veggies like seedless grapes and cherry tomatoes. Fill up the bottom section and slice all at oncejust one slice cuts many pieces. The builtin finger guard keeps you safe as you work, and the stable platform is textured to keep food in place. With the 2pack, keep one and gift one...or keep both to always have this essential prep tool handy. The 2packs include a red white set or a teal white set.



  • Use a sharp kitchen knife about 7" or larger.
  • A sharp, serrated knife works best for veggies, fruits and breads.
  • A chef's knife works best for meats and fish.

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